On Faith

July 22nd, 2009  |  Published in Religion

Be true to the real world. Do not listen to those who offer you supernatural expectations.” (Friedrich Nietzsche)

You see; it does not matter if there is a ‘god’ or not. What matters is you. We make our own rules. We are our own god.

If god is omnipresent and all powerful – he is not a kind, just, good god.

If however he is a kind, just, good god – he is not omnipresent and not all powerful.

That a god should create this world of want and misery and then go so far as to applaud himself for it, saying it is all very good; that is quite unacceptable.

Have you ever wondered why if you believe in Astrology or “Friday the 13th” it is called ‘Superstition’, but if you believe in God it is called ‘Faith’?

There are still a lot of people who believe that they can tell their fortune in the cards, read your palm, or predict the future in the stars. And there are still many people that believe that God or some other mysterious power is steering the course of history.

Is an atheist a person who does not believe in a God outside themselves, or is an atheist maybe a person who does not believe in himself, in the splendor of his own being and mind?

Can knowledge or even reason tell us that God created the world in six days?

Even if there is no god, you are a divine being – selected by nature and chance – to spend time on this wonderful, sacred planet, able to embrace all aspects of life, art, music, literature, philosophy and science. You do not exist purely for God’s sake. You can delight in life. Here and Now.

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