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Arthur Schopenhauer (born in Danzig in 1788) The Christian faith punishes the faults, or even the mere lack of faith, of a life hardly more than 20 years old, with torments which have no end (eternal torments of hell). It adds that this almost universal damnation is actually the effect of original sin. But this […]

On Faith

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“Be true to the real world. Do not listen to those who offer you supernatural expectations.” (Friedrich Nietzsche) You see; it does not matter if there is a ‘god’ or not. What matters is you. We make our own rules. We are our own god. If god is omnipresent and all powerful – he is […]

Joseph Campbell

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  Transformations of Myth Through Time  The first people to listen to St. Paul were the merchants of Corinth, and so we have the vocabulary of debt and payment in our interpretation of the mythic themes; whereas in the Orient, the interpretation is in terms of ignorance and illumination, not debt and payment. The debt […]

Schopenhauer on Religion

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  (A Dialogue between Demopheles and Philalethes) Detras de la cruz esta el Diablo (Behind the Cross stands the Devil) Faith is strongest in childhood. That is why the church organizes Sunday School. In childhood, faith strikes roots easier than in older age, through threats and stories of miracles. For if in childhood a person […]


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Nothing is as firmly believed as what we know least.  (Montaigne) Absolute faith corrupts as absolutely as absolute power.  (Eric Hoffer) The great human delusion is “The victimization of the present for the sake of an unknowable future.” (Isaiah Berlin)   “The Zahir” by Paulo Coelho Don’t be a prisoner of your own history.  The […]